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Schuylkill River Relay and Ultra runners start in waves beginning at the Tow Path Road near Saint Michael's Park.

Waves begin at 7:30 A.M. All runners will be on-course by 10:45 A.M. Teams will be assigned a start time based on expected completion. Each ultra runner and team will be issued a chipped timed tri-bracelet on race day morning. 


Ultra Aid stations will be available at each transition point and marked by 'SRT 50K' banners. Due to restrictions, Relay teams are provided all of their on course support in their pre bagged packet.


  • Teams must have a reliable and safe vehicle between transition points.

  • Have fun and be safe because the Schuylkill River Trail is open to the public during this race.

  • Be sure to have a designated driver.



SRT & Harry Street Conshohocken

Next to the SEPTA Conshohocken Train Station

Transition Pt.
Transition Pt.

Pawlings Road + Station Ave, Trail Head

GPS - 40°06'54.5"N 75°27'19.4"W

1350 Pawlings Road, Audubon PA 19403

Look for the 2’x2’ Schuylkill River Relay Banner and follow side trail into trailhead parking lot. Plenty of parking and Porta-potties on site. 

Additional parking is available at "the Dump" (1800 East Dr, Oaks, PA 19456) parking lot where the trails split. ​Food, Water and Support staff.


Saint Michaels Grove

GPS- 40°08'25.5"N 75°30'30.0"W

400 Jacobs Street, Mont Clare PA 19403

Saint Michaels Grove

GPS- 40°08'25.5"N 75°30'30.0"W

400 Jacobs Street, Mont Clare PA 19403



4.6 miles


All Runners start on  Saint Michaels Grove

GPS- 40°08'25.5"N 75°30'30.0"W This is the only course section with packed stone (first 1.5 miles). Trail bends to leave canal path, follow signs to right. The only hill is in final ¼ mile after the SRT/Perkiomen Trail split. At the SRT/Perkiomen Trail split follow signs to the left towards Philadelphia, up the hill and across the bridge. Handoff is immediately following the bridge. 


After Handoff, Cross bridge and follow bend down to the river, following  SRT signs. The final 2.5 miles switch between packed gravel and paved macadam. Continue on the SRT trail until underpass at Route29, course marshalled. Follow Tow Path across the canal bridge, and through the woods to St. Mikes Grove, until you victoriously cross the finish line


Trail is paved for remainder of race. 

River Front Park is accessed by a small set of stairs leading down to the parking area.

Look for the 2x2 'Schuylkill River Relay' sign .


Flat and fast all the way to Norristown exchange just over the bridge  

Transition Pt.

Riverfront Park, Norristown

GPS- 40°06'57.8"N 75°21'20.2"W
100 Haws Ave Norristown, PA 19401

Look for the 2’x2’ Schuylkill River Relay banner and follow the stairs down to the parking area.

Transition Pt.

River Front Park to Conshohocken Brewing Company

Paved Trail. This is the last leg to the halfway point. CAUTION when crossing small driveways.

Bathrooms available at Conshohocken Brewing Company.  


Conshohocken Brewing Company to River Front Park. Paved Trail.  First leg of return to St. Michael's.


CAUTION when crossing 4 small driveways roads- Remember this is a 31 mile race, you have time to look both ways 



Q: What is the time limit for completing this race? 

A: All runners have 8 hours to complete the course. 

Q: What if I have 5 members or 2 - or 4? 

A: Due to logistics and timing, only registration for solo runners, 3 and 6 person relay teams is allowed. If, for example, you are a team of 5, you should register for the 6 person team and one team member will run two legs of the relay.

Q: Where are the water stops located on this race?  

A: Water stations are located at transition points. This is because of the limited number of drive-up access points along the SRT. Runners must carry water with them for each leg. At each transition point, there will be water, as well as bananas, snacks, candy, and port-a-potties. 

Q: How does pricing work? 

A: Pricing is per team. Team captains pay for each team. Teammates then sign up using a special password at no additional cost. This allows team captains to set their own price points. 

Q: Where are the relay hand-offs? 

A: All transitions will be mapped out and sent to teams prior to race day. There will be 3 transition points for this out and back: Pawlings Road Trailhead, River Front Park in Norristown, and Conshocken Brewing Company. Please note: Pawlings Road and River Front park are active roads in each direction.

Q: Transportation? 

A: Teams are required to provide their own transportation to transition points. Points are mentioned above and mapped out here. 


Q: Where should I stay?
A: Looking for a hotel, B&B or weekend package? Contact Marc right now for recommendations on where to stay and how to make it a weekend getaway!

Q: Strollers?   

A: Strollers are not allowed for this race. The Schuylkill River Trail is NOT closed to public use during this relay race. You will encounter walkers, other runners, and bikers on the trail. Use caution and adhere to the directional rules of the trail. 


Q: Is the trail closed to public use?  

A: No, the trail is NOT closed to public use during this race. You will encounter walkers, other runners, and bikers on the trail. Use caution and adhere to the directional rules of the trail. 

Q: How can I get my hands on a race t-shirt?

A: There is a 'guaranteed shirt size' cut-off date of March 1st. After that, shirts will only be available in listed sizes. 

Q: Does every runner receive a set of three medals?

A: Each runner receives the neck medal corresponding to the leg of the race they ran. Ultras get a custom belt buckle of all 3! 

If additional medals are available, you can complete your set with a $20 donation to the race charity. 

Q: What are the race awards and categories?

A:  Each runner from winning and place finishing teams will be awarded a prized race baton. Teams of 3 or 6 runners will be divided into 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for Male, Female and Co-ed Teams. In 2019 we've added a Masters category for one team in each relay team size (3 and 6 runners), all runners must be 40plus for the Masters category.   


Q: Gear Drop?

A: Ultra runners can arrange to have gear dropped off at specific transition points. If you know you will need shoes, goo or another must have item to complete the race, you'll need to deposit it to the check-in desk (at the Pavilion) at 7:00 A.M. Items should be bagged with names clearly displayed along with the location along the relay course where you'd like it stowed. 

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