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Great American Brewery Runs

Calling all Beer Runners, Introducing the Great American Brewery Runs!

The Great American Brewery Runs are the best of running and craft brewing.  We partner with the best local craft breweries to develop races that celebrate the craftmanship and dedication of those breweries and the beers they produce.

Like the brewmasters we partner with, we take great pride in our races. So, all races are professionally timed, courses are measured to the inch, and each race is executed with the same dedication.

Each race is also a festival, with live music, brewery tours and food vendors.  So, after you finish, you can relax in the sun, drink a beer and celebrate two of your great passions - running and beer.

In 2017 we are excited to expand to 10 races in 5 states, join us for all of them!

Great American Brewery Runs

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Shmaltz Brewing Company The Chosen Run 5k

Get ready to shlep! Shmaltz Brewing Company and the Great American Brewery Runs present the first annual The Chosen Run 5k on May 6, 2017.

Registration is OPEN

Sponsored by Sly Fox Brewing Company Fox Trot 5k

Sly Fox Brewing Company Fox Trot 5k

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Race Day is June 3rd!



Sponsored by Flying Fish Brewing Company Flying Fish 5k

Flying Fish Brewing Company Flying Fish 5k

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Flying Fish is Jersey's finest! You got a problem with that?

Mark your calendars - September 9th 2017


Sponsored by Yards Brewing Company 5,000 Yard Dash

Yards Brewing Company 5,000 Yard Dash

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Thank you to all of our runners, sponsors, Achilles, and Yards Brewery

the 2016 5000 Yards Dash was a blast


Sponsored by Fordham & Dominion 5 & 10k

Fordham & Dominion 5 & 10k

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We are back October 28th 

New for 2017 we are adding a 5k

What makes the Great American Brewery Runs so great?

The Beer!

Every adult finisher receives a beer at the finish line to celebrate their run! But, this is not just any beer.  The Great American Brewery Runs are focused on celebrating the best beers in the country! 

We know there is nothing better than going for a run and then sitting in the sunshine enjoying a cold one.  If you agree, than this is the series for you!

The Glasses

Each Brewery Run features a different glass picked especially for the style of beer that is featured.  So, complete multiple races in the series and you can stock your home bar with a full set of glassware for any occasion. 

The Charities

Here at the Great American Brewery Runs, we are committed to supporting our local community.  Every race donates a portion of the proceeds to and helps to fundraise for local charities that make a difference right here. 

This year we have already supported Students Run Philly Style, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Girls on the Run, American Cancer Society, Achilles International and Back on My Feet.  All are great assets to our community and we are proud to partner with them.  We hope you will help us support these great causes.